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  • One of the most common problems with QuickBooks is that the chart of accounts is out of whack. We can review and restore your chart of accounts. This includes correcting any other QuickBooks problems you may be having. This is referred to as a clean up. Once your chart of accounts is in order, we can then train you on how to efficiently use QuickBooks as it pertains to your business.
  • Review and evaluate your company’s accounting procedures to make sure QuickBooks is being utilized as efficiently as possible.
  • If your company is not yet using QuickBooks, we will help you find the right QuickBooks program, custom set it up for you, and then train you on only what you need to know based on your business’ needs.
  • Make sure your QuickBooks financial statements such as the Profit and Loss statements are accurate in regards to income and expenses to help you determine the profitability of your business. One of the first things a business wants to look at is the financials. If they are not in order, how are you going to know how your business is doing? Is it profitable?
  • Review your QuickBooks to make sure it is set up correctly and find a faster, more efficient and easier way of doing things to help make your life less complicated. QuickBooks can memorize transactions, reports, and do many other operations that can save you time.
  • Provide you with the type of help most accountants do not offer due to time restrictions or lack of manpower. CDM Business and Tax Services can provide you with detailed QuickBooks services such as clean up and training.

Flat or Hourly rates available and depends on the needs of the client.

Get a combination of services from us and you will receive a discount.

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